What is Timepiece360


Timepiece360 offers an innovative way for our customers, across the UAE, to buy, sell, explore or simply enjoy the exciting world of pre-owned luxury watches. You can do this right from the comfort of your home. We make this possible as we are the region's first dedicated online marketplace, created solely for this purpose. We entered the region’s highly-fragmented, pre-owned watch market - where finding the right watch was as stressful as it was difficult - and we’re completely turning it around, 360.


What you wear on your wrist today, is no longer just an accessory; It's a statement of who you are and where you’re going. It might be racy and bold, sporty and adventurous or it might be classic and confident. Whatever your style, look or attitude is, your watch defines you. You not only appreciate quality, you demand it and so do we.


At Timepiece360, our mission is to take you full circle in experiencing the most pleasure and satisfaction from your search, purchase or sale of prestigious pre-owned watches. The science of the modern, luxury watch industry might be super complex, sophisticated and ultra high-tech, but the customer service doesn’t have to be.


We believe in the good, old-fashioned way of caring for our customers. We offer the best possible service by actually hand-collecting the valuable watch you wish to sell and hand-delivering the one you wish to buy. Convenience, care and custom communication is what we deliver. 


For us, “offering the best service” also means offering the latest information and targeted advice just for you. Above all, we offer prices you can believe in and value you can count on, today and tomorrow.




Two Men and a Watch


Timepience360 partners, Khaled Elsayed and Khalil Al-Kaddo come from very different career backgrounds but always shared the same passion for the intricacy and distinctive styling of luxury watches. Living in Dubai, they both experienced, first hand, the frustration of navigating the pre-owned watch industry.


So they combined their complementary experience, Khaled as in Investment Banker, accumulating wealth for his clients and Khalil, as an entrepreneur in the facility servicing industry and created a company that enjoined their expertise and fulfilled their zeal for high-end watches.


“We set out, not only to make the luxury watches in the world accessible to everyone, but to make every aspect of it easy. To make it fun, an enjoyable life experience. Buying, selling, searching, learning – we want to ignite that fire that people feel as they are drawn into the whole aura of these extraordinary watches.”


Timepience360 will always remain a company about our customer. “We work hard to give our customers premium service, a total shopping experience, second to none,” Khalil said. “We want them to feel at ease working with us and come to us again and again. Our business is really about trust; not just buying and selling watches. We share birthdays and anniversaries and weddings with our customers. We help create family traditions.”


We are delighted and proud that you have put your trust in us and we will do every thing possible to honor your trust. That’s our promise. And our commitment.


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